Our service objective is to provide customers with a convenient, branded, professionally staffed drycleaning and laundry service in a clean, spacious, upmarket, friendly and eco-responsible environment.

The first store opened in December 1996.

Hangout currently has two licensed stores in the Greater Sydney Area.

Hangout sees significant opportunities for business owner operators and investors to create businesses with premium revenues and profits in what is generally an unprofessional and fragmented industry.

Hangout Drycleaners is dedicated to making a difference to the environment. The GreenEarth drycleaning solution uses silicone, an environmentally non-toxic, non hazardous and extremely gentle alternate to petrochemicals. This ensures the best professional textile cleaning  system to the highest standard of quality and environmental responsibility. Our eco-friendly technology is one of the ways we try to be a green dry cleaner!

For enquiries please call:

Royston Fernandes and 0422 632430 or email to  

Disclaimer: The licensor/promoter is Hangout Concepts Pty Ltd (ABN 66 083 781 613). Starting up a new business or taking over an existing business involves a considerable risk. Success will be affected by not only the quality of your management but also factors such as the overall economy, local demographics and level of competition, interest rates, level of consumer confidence, and many other factors. Interested parties should seek appropriate professional advise at all times.